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BAKERS PRODUCT (INDIA) is the pioneer of the Bakers group, headquartered in Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India. BAKERS is a four decade old group, which was established by Sri Vidyasagar Vij in 1980.

BAKERS had initially started with just three products; Custard Powder, Corn Flour and Baking Powder and since then has ventured into other bakery ingredients, dessert instant mixes and flavours. Never the less, BAKERS has always been known for our benchmark product; Custard Powder, which is till date our top selling product due to our ever so loyal consumers right from our inception.

Infrastructure and Facilities

At BAKERS PRODUCT (INDIA), we believe in the saying “People who give you their food, give you their heart”. Each product we manufacture at our premises goes through stringent checks to ensure what we serve you is of uncompromising quality and expected taste.

The state of art infrastructure and process adheres to all norms and standards set by the food authorities. Each product reaches the market only once it has passed every check and tested by our R&D team at our premises. From sourcing the best in raw materials to processing them in the most efficient and hygienic manner, we take pride in our service and quality.

The Family

At BAKERS PRODUCT (INDIA), our staff and workers are our family, as most of our team has been with us right from the very beginning.


The Chairman has been the heart and soul of the Bakers group with over 35 years of experience and intellect. His vision, tireless passion and innovativeness have been pivotal to our growth.


A graduate in International Food Marketing from Manchester, United Kingdom, his marketing skills and customer relations are key attributes to our firm.


A graduate in Business management and a former investment banker, his realistic and calculative approach has been a focal point for our competitive ideology and strong financial measures.